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Subject: -About You-
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lew15d 19.08.09 - 05:17am
OK! This topic is for people to tell us a bit about themselves. May it be that you like or dislike certain things, or you may like to tell us what your personality is like, or what your life's like... think of it as a public diary, where you can write what you want people to see... *

xpinkiex 19.08.09 - 05:31am
hi3.GIF Hello my name is Alice :-) I'am 18 years old and i come from Scotland! Music and art are my passions :-) Just to build an image of myself i'am 5ft 6, curvylicious! I have grey eyes and longish brown hair with blonde highlights. I have my tongue and left eyebrow pierced. No tattoos atm. I love heavy metal rocker.GIF Slipknot are amazing! I get hyper/drunk on irn bru (i know what a light weight eh?) lol.GIF Well i think i've said it all! Bye! *

cobusbo 19.08.09 - 02:26pm
Hi my name is Cobus I'm 18 years old still in school my pic is on my wapsite on prodigits or facebook. I'm also a big rock fan like ACDC, Guns 'n Roses, Linkin Park etc. Im a quiet person and don't socialize very much oh and btw im from South Africa and speak Afrikaans. I do some wap designing and run 2 mobile wapsites and one web forum, Internet is my live! wizard.GIF *

lew15d 19.08.09 - 06:35pm
wave.GIF hi, my name's Lewis! I'm from boring old England lol.GIF I love playing and listening to music... my favourite bands are Slipknot, Stone Sour and Five Finger Death Punch... I like playing snooker and other quiet sports, and may play football sometimes, when I feel up to playing it... I really enjoy socialising with other people, online or in person... I'm not really the ''shy'' kinda lad either, as I'm not scared to voice my opinions pmpl2.GIF I can get bored very easily, and it's not very often people manage to excite me... I also enjoy running my wapgroups and my wap/web site too... I think that's about all I have to say thinking.GIF *

midwife 27.08.09 - 02:56pm
Hey im cheavon.lol nt gna say my age.i love rock ,electro house and jazz.im 4rm south africa.i also hav my own website. *

scotsgal 9.09.09 - 09:53am
Hiya im Alison, 26 from scotland. Currently studying at college, doing a computer course. I have a lovely man and a wonderful son who has just turned 8. God, i feel sooo old saying that hehe. Love allsorts of music from oasis to beyonce, absolutely anything, minus the classical stuff lol. *

deannsam 11.09.09 - 01:52pm
Hey am Tammy, 15 but 16 on Halloween pmpl.GIF thtz nt a joke! Am fae Scotland. Uh im 5ft7! taller thn ma sis!, blonde very short hair, blue eyez, botom lip piercd so far, um im a Car Nutter! Just lurves cars lol i even draw them but unfortunatly i got booted af ma college course jus bcuz i waz absent wit a dislocated knee! sad.GIF etcra etcra btw if any1 wuld like a car drawn 4 thm jst inbox me the make n model of da car!! lol.GIF *

m_o_o_n 18.12.09 - 01:24pm
hi4.GIF I m Jennifer frm India... married and my son name is Richard...I like my frnd Lew... so I m here in this grp....Really tis group has lots of MP3... Amazing...thank_you.GIF cya.GIF *

jo5hu4 18.12.09 - 05:32pm
im josh... Yeah... *

lew15d 18.12.09 - 11:18pm
@m_o_o_n, Your compliment is very welcome! friends.GIF Thank you for joining YOURMP3S! I'm sure that if you ever want a song to download, you'll come here. YOURMP3S offers one of the best services to PRODIGITS as best we can, allowing all members to join the group to download and request all kinds of music around the world.

@jo5hu4, Please stop pratting around. We can all have a laugh once in a while, but you're taking the micky! punish.GIF Behave yourself young man, or you'll be banned for a week like you are in other certain places I daren't mention incase I get warned, or even banned from them. lol.GIF Nothing would surprise me more. *

m_o_o_n 22.12.09 - 07:24am
Thanks friendzzzz for accepting me in ur grp.... friends.GIF *

xexmx 22.12.09 - 10:59am
Hi lewis n every1 ,im 32 mum of 3 LOVE rocker.GIF Metal music aint gna list bands be here 4 ages pmpl like dis group tis 1 of best for music *

lew15d 22.12.09 - 12:24pm
@xexmx, You're very kind! We do our best here at YourMP3s. *

merseyng 22.12.09 - 01:14pm
Hey,am Mersey 4rom Nairobi,Kenya in Africa.am a brown,cute,short gal hu lykes singin,dancin,drawin,travelin n mekin frendz.my best sport is swimin n voleybal.best musicians r T.I,Rihana,Beyonce n Manio.i lyk rnb.hop a'l b able 2 fit in ur grup.luv u bigtym *

cobusbo 22.12.09 - 01:24pm
@merseyng Welcome to the group and I really know you will find this group very helpfull we really try our best to get the stuff you need just post and c what happens. Thank you for joining our community *

2old4ths 28.11.10 - 01:58pm
Glad i read this - its gd 2c im not the only grown-up here lol. Love browsing mp3s - i got ovr 4decades of faves 2 hunt down lol. Will return fava +upload sme choons, wen i get the hang of it. Cld b easier frm pc. . . Nk kp up gd wrk. I may nt post here often btw - bt wen i do u'll b glad of that! X *

lew15d 28.11.10 - 11:41pm
@2old4ths, Thank you very much! bounce.GIF Would appreciate what you bring to the group. *

fliss134 12.12.10 - 01:54am
Hey my names felicity but call me fliss x im a 5ft 7 doncaster girl with black hair to compliment my soft complexion and dark brown eyes with a pretty curvy figure haha x i love all music but lately my passion in rock music has rocketed and im struggling to find free music so this sites a blessing x luv u lewis *wink* *

lew15d 12.12.10 - 01:07pm
Glad you like the group. *

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