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Subject: -YourMP3s Chat Box-
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cobusbo 5.08.10 - 02:04pm
Hi p1nkzess welcome to the group hope you like it and find it usefull lewis and I am always to find help where we can. Nice meeting you. *

p1nkzess 5.08.10 - 02:31pm
Thank you :) I like the group already :D *

lew15d 5.08.10 - 03:04pm
@p1nkzess, I'm glad you like the group. thumbs_up.GIF Enjoy your stay. lol.GIF *

p1nkzess 5.08.10 - 03:17pm
Cheers lol.GIF! *

lew15d 10.08.10 - 04:16pm
We've gone red again, until I decide to change the colour of the group. lol.GIF *

p1nkzess 12.08.10 - 06:54pm
pmpl.GIF! Sorry, i'd take part alot more it's just i'm a bit busy the now :( *

lew15d 13.08.10 - 10:57am
It's fine. lol.GIF You'll have to get your buds to join. grin.GIF *

p1nkzess 13.08.10 - 07:14pm
I think most of them have joined already lol *

p1nkzess 13.08.10 - 11:02pm
Ugh, Friday night and i'm stuck at home watching TV! Anyone upto anything more exciting? *

lew15d 14.08.10 - 01:19am
I was sat drinking Lambrini, but now I'm listening to music. *

p1nkzess 15.08.10 - 02:33am
I always thought that was a girlie drink lol :) *

lew15d 15.08.10 - 11:04am
Nah. I know loads of lads that drink it. Most girls hate the taste of it. *

p1nkzess 15.08.10 - 08:59pm
I've never tried it lol. I'm more of a Beer and Lager kind of gal lol :) *

joelray 31.08.10 - 11:11am
I love u all, one luv my ppl *

lew15d 10.10.10 - 04:01pm
It's very quiet around here... *

lew15d 10.11.10 - 10:08am
The music video for Digital by Stone Sour was released the other day! It's brilliant! hurray.GIF *

cobusbo 18.11.10 - 10:12am
Im back and ready to take requests for a while so let it come in... *

proson 15.12.10 - 09:39am
Hello everyone!this group is still alive I se:) *

lew15d 16.12.10 - 02:53am
Still running, thankfully. smile.GIF *

lew15d 3.02.11 - 05:12am
DevilDriver have finished their alb*m Beast, which is said to be released on the 22nd of February. Here's the track Coldblooded FREE for download, provided by me.

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2930648/Music/07%20Coldblooded.mp3 DevilDriver - Coldblooded.mp3 *

lew15d 12.02.11 - 03:03pm
I will be going to HMV on the 21st to purchase the special edition of DevilDriver's newest release known as Beast. After doing so, I will post the alb*m in the albums topic of the group in MP3 format at a BitRate of 128kpbs so it's at default quality, which is still excellent quality. *

lew15d 4.03.11 - 04:59pm
http://lew15d.prodigits.co.uk/blog30.htm 8ZvaRuX0Q5V4VEzS8C59.jpg
http://lew15d.prodigits.co.uk/blog28.htm gBw3JZF9uMPqRTx3dOCx.jpg *

lew15d 24.08.11 - 04:25pm
@proton, Welcome to the moderator team for YourMP3s! thumbs_up.GIF Any form of spam you see, you can keep an eye out for me and get rid of it. You can also keep an eye on files now for me too, and also post MP3's in the topics as I want the Links section of the group mainly now for MP3's I post from my Dropbox accounts. thumbs_up.GIF Enjoy your tools! *

proton 24.08.11 - 04:35pm
i appreciate it mate good2.GIF thank you *

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