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Subject: -YourMP3s Chat Box-
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lew15d 5.07.09 - 05:53pm
I made this topic for all YourMP3s members to chat to their friends and other members of the group. You may also even chat to me and cobusbo, as we don't bite, just 'cause we run the group lol.GIF have fun, and thanks for joining YourMP3s! *

lew15d 6.07.09 - 01:26pm
@cobusbo, wouldn't this 7U0D2m21X3IPNgLJT6Hu.gif be good as a clipart? lol.GIF *

cobusbo 6.07.09 - 02:16pm
Yea slipknot freak lol hahaha *

lew15d 6.07.09 - 02:25pm
omg.GIF I'm not a Slipknot freak... I just can't get enough Slipknot stuff!! lol.GIF I love 'em... haha! *

lew15d 6.07.09 - 02:27pm
@cobusbo, I wonder what Stone Sour's alb*m is going to be like next year... I think it should be something like they did in 2005, with a mixture of things... the Come What(ever) May alb*m is going to be pretty hard to beat I think excited.GIF I just can't wait... *

cobusbo 6.07.09 - 05:26pm
Im not much a fan of them so i won't know but i guess it would be a hit if it take a while to create one its mostly worth the wait *

lew15d 6.07.09 - 07:13pm
well Corey did say that he had a meeting with Stone Sour, saying that they'll be in the Recording Studio some time at the start of next year, and hopefully releasing the album... he also said he was going to release a Solo alb*m too, which should be good, so I'll look forward to seeing that... and also, I think he may be releasing another Slipknot album... it may be a bit of a hard time for Corey though, releasing 3 albums in a year lol.GIF I guess we'll have to see what happens. *

lew15d 6.07.09 - 10:34pm

My mate c.k. made that for me bounce.GIF I think that it looks nice... *

cobusbo 7.07.09 - 12:40pm
Very good *

lew15d 7.07.09 - 02:03pm
how are you getting on, cobusbo? friends.GIF *

cobusbo 7.07.09 - 07:51pm
gr8 bru i seemed to lost the links to that ronan keating songs the are very rare grrr searching.GIF *

lew15d 7.07.09 - 08:13pm
@cobusbo, try http://mp3raid.com mp3raid to maybe find the songs... I don't have my own server to upload to bro... *

xpinkiex 17.07.09 - 02:29pm
hi3.GIF helloooooooo i waz erm erm passing thru and thort i'd pop in for a cuppa tea.GIF LoLwave.GIF hiya Lewis, x *

lew15d 17.07.09 - 02:40pm
wave.GIF heya Alice, I hope you enjoy your stay here x tea.GIF I made my own coffee lol hate tea x *

xpinkiex 17.07.09 - 02:46pm
I'm sure you'll make me feel welcome lol.GIF ewww coffee??. Yuckeee :-P x *

lew15d 17.07.09 - 02:55pm
hehe.GIF of course I'll make you feel welcome, as I do all my members Alice x *

xpinkiex 17.07.09 - 03:05pm
Huh there i thort i was gonna be spesh sigh.GIF LoL x *

lew15d 17.07.09 - 06:26pm
aww.GIF you are lol x *

xpinkiex 17.07.09 - 06:31pm
chin.GIF really?. Oh i know, i'm the weirdest gal u know eh?. Lol x *

lew15d 18.07.09 - 07:21am
no lol.GIF x *

lew15d 19.12.09 - 11:34am
I need a good old chat! A lot of my buds aren't using their PRODIGITS accounts by the look of it, so I'm going to have to delete them. Feel free to bud me, guys. It would be great to know some of you. *

lew15d 28.12.09 - 12:24pm
Well, we increase in member's gradually, but they don't seem to post. *

cobusbo 28.12.09 - 12:39pm
yea just leeching mostly *

lew15d 28.12.09 - 10:15pm
I wonder why we don't have rights to put links in forum's, but we can in our own, and other member's groups. chin.GIF *

cobusbo 28.12.09 - 10:21pm
this is groups not a forum lol we dont have moderation or admin functions there because its open for everyone. but it would have been nice to have had such functions. I think its to keep the spam less and to keep users on pro lol you could have admin and moderation functions in the forums if you are much active around there in the forums they look around for new mods and admins to take over when other mods doesn't do their job proper or isn't much active anymore *

lew15d 28.12.09 - 10:34pm
I'd love to do something like that. lol.GIF *

cobusbo 28.12.09 - 11:07pm
then you better start posting like hell in the forums lol lmao.GIF *

lew15d 29.12.09 - 01:24am
It'll be too much work for me I bet. But there's an admin who hasn't been on for two years, and he's still an admin. But he has come back. Maybe I should ask the admin if I'm suitable. lol.GIF No doubt I won't be, as I'm only 16. *

cobusbo 29.12.09 - 04:35am
ya that may be a problem *

lew15d 31.12.09 - 12:07pm
I'm not sure if I should stop working in the group. Work here might pick up by the time you leave, Cobus. It'd be hectic for me. What do you think? Stick it out and see what I think, or leave it? *

cobusbo 31.12.09 - 02:49pm
Well just disable the group for a while or so because im not sure if I would get time in the beginning because I will have to find my feet first and maybe in time I will get myself a laptop or so then il be back now and again. But then again its your choice just remember there is other guys out there also that can help you. *

lew15d 2.01.10 - 11:16am
I'll have to try and get my brother to help out, mate. Sorry I haven't been in the group for a bit. Virgin Broadband messed up on New Years Eve, and came back on New Years Day at near midnight. *

cobusbo 2.01.10 - 01:43pm
I know the feeling bru lol *

lew15d 3.01.10 - 12:03pm
Cobus, do you remember shan69? He inboxed me trying to scare me. pmpl2.GIF Want me to forward the inbox? The lack of intelligence he has amuses me, mate. *

cobusbo 3.01.10 - 12:45pm
Hahaha he inboxed me two I allready forwarded it to you lol. Seems like he isn't glad for all our time we spend to update this group and provide a free service witch cost us money to do. People have to understand sometimes there isn't a specific song available on the internet when they want it. *

lew15d 3.01.10 - 01:01pm
lol.GIF Cobus. I know what you mean. Well, I've searched for Slipknot's 10th Anniversary CD on the internet, and found no free downloads. But, I'm going to make it free. lol.GIF How much dedication have we put into the group? And he tries to insult us. He should be glad we don't live near him. pmpl2.GIF *

cobusbo 3.01.10 - 01:31pm
lmao lol *

cobusbo 18.01.10 - 02:11pm
Im in university for about a week now its really nice here just s**t busy lew15d good luck bro dont let the group down *

xpinkiex 19.01.10 - 01:51pm
hello lew15d and cobusbo.! wave.GIF.! *

lew15d 19.01.10 - 09:28pm
Hi, xpinkiex. *

cobusbo 20.01.10 - 09:11am
Hello to all *

lew15d 23.01.10 - 11:54am
Having fun at university, Cobus? I'm struggling with college at the moment, so even I'm finding it hard to do things. lol.GIF *

xexmx 24.01.10 - 06:49pm
What course are u taking at collage? *

lew15d 24.01.10 - 07:14pm
ICT, but it's quite difficult. Plus they don't tolerate the usage of chat sites, the numptie's. lol.GIF *

cobusbo 26.01.10 - 05:49am
yea to much don't get time for studying im studing to become a teacher lmao then while im in work il study into it courses *

verbatim 25.05.10 - 09:33am
is this group dead now? Come on and start request some mp3's! *

cobusbo 26.05.10 - 10:27am
ya i know the feeling me too have much work to do atm but the 4th of june im on holiday yay *

cobusbo 26.05.10 - 10:29am
Oh ya RIP Paul Grey of lew15d favourite band named Slipknot *

lew15d 18.06.10 - 09:11pm
I never checked this topic. I'm quite bored. And RIP, Paul Gray. *

cobusbo 18.06.10 - 11:07pm
seems like here I am also lol *

p1nkzess 5.08.10 - 01:56pm
Hey everyone hi3.GIF!! I'm new here :D! How's you all doing?? *

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