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Subject: -READ ME-
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cobusbo 23.12.09 - 09:00pm
Yea as of me Im addicted I never take a break lol *

lew15d 24.12.09 - 02:54am
Thank you, proton. I may be active in the S60 forum in the mean time, as I check for things that might be of interest to me. lol.GIF And merry Christmas to you too. *

lew15d 24.12.09 - 11:29am
Ok, I'm online now! lol.GIF I stop working at 8pm. Then I have the rest of the night to myself. *

cobusbo 24.12.09 - 12:35pm
kk enjoy it lew15d and Happy Christmas to all *

xexmx 24.12.09 - 03:44pm
Happy Christmas lewis n cusbo you-ve earnt a longer break than a day ! *

cobusbo 24.12.09 - 09:56pm
Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas to everybody its midnight here in South Africa!!! Have a great festival season with your family like we do... *

lew15d 25.12.09 - 01:45am
Thank you, xexmx. I'll be sure to take a long break, if needed. You should too, Cobus. *

lew15d 25.12.09 - 07:25pm
So, who had a good Christmas? I know I did. Slipknot 10th Anniversary CD! bounce.GIF I know what I'm uploading for everyone. *

lew15d 27.12.09 - 12:22am
The group keeps growing, but nobody's posting. sigh.GIF All is fun here. Everywhere on PRODIGITS is becoming quieter. Forum's, Buddy List, and most of all, the Groups! thinking.GIF I wonder how to get people to start posting, as it would really help out. Well everyone, YourMP3s would really appreciate it if you could check the group every once in a while, and also post in topics. We can all chat too. It's not all about requesting for music, if that's not what you want to do. Thanks for reading this. If anybody would like to help YourMP3s with our work, please contact me. *

proton 27.12.09 - 08:00am
Yeah pro's a lot quite these days and most of the time none of my buds are online lol *

lew15d 11.01.10 - 10:19am
I won't be in the group for a while, as I have other things to do. Plus some sites I use are having major difficulties, so I'm finding it hard to get music. I'll be back in the group around the 14th of this month. Hopefully by then, the sites I use will be up and running again, and I might have some requests to deal with. I apologize to any member who has not yet got their requests completed. *

lew15d 24.03.10 - 06:55am
I'm going to be resuming work in the group A.S.A.P. I've been very busy with college, and haven't been in the group for a while now. I should be back to doing requests today, tomorrow, or possibly Friday at the latest. Another thing is my laptop is missing a start up drive, so I'll have to get on the home PC when it's available. If I manage to get my laptop working again, I'll be back more often. If not, I will be here, but not as much as I used to be. Thanks for reading. And thanks for using YourMP3s! *

lew15d 19.04.10 - 10:24pm
We're gently reaching 1500! Let's keep the group growing, people! bounce.GIF *

lew15d 10.06.10 - 08:18pm

Any member making obscence topics in YourMP3s will automatically recieve a ban. If you wish to remain in the group to continue downloading FREE music, please don't break this rule. YourMP3s is here to help people find music that they want. Also, obscene topics WILL be reported to the main admin of PRODIGITS. You have been warned. *

lew15d 15.07.10 - 06:42am
YourMP3s is becoming popular very slowly, but nobody is parti ting in any of the topics. yawn.GIF It does get very quiet in here sometimes. I would like to encourage all NEW and even OLD members to get active within the group. Start making requests, or using other topics around the group to socialise. Anybody would think that you were all hostile. lol.GIF Thanks for reading. *

lew15d 15.07.10 - 09:08am
Now for a second, I thought everyone was dead. lol.GIF *

proton 15.07.10 - 10:06am
pmpl.GIF everybody won't die pmpl.GIF laugh2.GIF *

lew15d 15.07.10 - 12:48pm
There's always that chance. grin.GIF *

proton 15.07.10 - 09:13pm
hahaha atleast i'm alive *

cobusbo 16.07.10 - 03:29pm
here i am also lol.GIF *

lew15d 16.07.10 - 10:53pm
I am alive! I will never run away! lol.GIF A small abstract from Alive by Korn there. *

lew15d 17.07.10 - 01:04pm
This is just a little tip people might want to know, on how to look for mp3's, if we can't find what you're looking for.

Go to http://www.google.com Google and type the artist name, and song title of what you want, followed by ''.mp3''.
Here's an example: Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved.mp3
Thanks for reading, guys! *

cobusbo 17.07.10 - 05:54pm
another google searching tip for direct links is like this:
intitle:index.of Arctic monkeys - Crying lightning.mp3 %s -html -htm -php -asp -cf -jsp
You can type in the artist and song name in the place of arctic monkeys - Crying lightning or just the artist name or just the song title and get all results of that for songs *

lew15d 18.07.10 - 05:16pm
Nice one, Cobus. thumbs_up.GIF *

lew15d 22.07.10 - 03:38am
Due to lack of activity in YourMP3s, I'm considering the fact of ending my time in the group. The member's grow, but the topics remain like a ghost town. sigh.GIF Maybe once more people begin to post, things may pick up again, and I'll stay. Otherwise, I'm just getting bored checking to see if anybody's posted requests etc, knowing they haven't. If I do decide to stop my work here, there are still other people who may be able to take your requests. thumbs_up.GIF *

proton 22.07.10 - 04:02pm
BTW just downloaded recovery from your site! thank_you.GIF for uploading them. *

lew15d 23.07.10 - 12:44am
Any time, Proton. 2thumbsup.GIF I'm just glad people use my site. It's an okay alb*m I think. *

lew15d 15.08.10 - 11:09am
I'm going to be less active in the group for a bit. Is there anybody in the group who would like to take over? *

p1nkzess 15.08.10 - 08:57pm
I would love to but i'm not going to be on for four days so it's a bit pointless letting me take over lol, sorry :/ *

runestar 30.08.10 - 08:11pm
Google advanced search command site: is quite powerful when you have a list of sites you want to search from directly.

it's also getting extra powers from the built-in spider module in google chrome which indexes content viewed by chrome users. *

runestar 30.08.10 - 08:12pm
usage = keyword(s) site:site.com *

runestar 30.08.10 - 09:11pm
The exclusions (shown in cobusho's example but not explained) can be useful too.

-keyword (in this case the sign is MINUS)

exclude unwanted words/names/filetypes/etc. to better get the stuff you are looking for. -torrent is one of my most used ones. *

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