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Subject: -READ ME-
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lew15d 28.06.09 - 10:53am

I'm very sorry to say that the group will no longer be updated by me any more. I am working on a website, and also I have a lot of problems that I need to deal with. I will be looking for somebody capable of taking over until I decide to come back. I'm very sorry about this, but I do have more important things happening in my life.


lew15d 28.06.09 - 12:58pm
cobusbo is now an addition to the group, so he'll be helping me out with requests. *

xpinkiex 25.07.09 - 10:31pm
I can't upload anything atm and i don't know how to do links so i'm pretty useless but i could do topics and when i get my phone sorted out i shall upload stuff. Upto you.(you can delete this msg if you wish) *

cobusbo 26.07.09 - 04:42pm
you browse for a link and if you want to post it in a topic you use the bb codes of pro in the help page of groups or just post in links section its as easy as that but I know via mobile its more complicated then with an pc *

xpinkiex 29.07.09 - 12:39pm
Oh ok thankz *

lew15d 16.08.09 - 01:49pm
@cobusbo, I find it easier using my N95 than using a PC for some reason lol.GIF I use my trusty UCWEB browser to get links etc, and use Opera for the posting grin.GIF easy as 1, 2, 3... lol.GIF wouldn't you agree, bro? *

midwife 27.08.09 - 03:00pm
Lol,cobus u a genius. *

midwife 27.08.09 - 03:02pm
Mwah.i hav 2go.im working 2nite. *

cobusbo 28.08.09 - 09:39pm
Thank you *

cobusbo 16.09.09 - 09:34pm
100 TO GO BEFORE LEWIS WILL FAINT LOL good work lewis keep up the good work *

lew15d 16.09.09 - 11:28pm
thanks, bro! lol.GIF *

lew15d 12.10.09 - 01:33pm
I won't be available in the group until sometime around Wednesday, but I'm unsure of a time. My Virgin Broadband router is playing up, and I'm unable to connect to the internet at desired times. I've managed to find a working version of UCWEB for my 5800, so when I get the Broadband back on, I'll be back in to taking requests... (thankyou) for taking time to read this! *

lew15d 31.10.09 - 01:00pm
I'm thinking of asking admin if it's possible to ask people to pay for mine and cobusbo's time and effort we put in to the group. Any views on this idea? If there are any bad views, this idea won't be taken forward. *

cobusbo 31.10.09 - 01:25pm
lol why don't you just start a site and let users click on adds to make money *

lew15d 1.11.09 - 10:44am
Finally. I have my laptop. lol.GIF I don't think that my mother plans on stopping taking my power supply though. I'll do my best to start taking requests today, depending on if setakes it again. lol.GIF Sorry about te trouble. *

cobusbo 1.11.09 - 12:55pm
lol get yourself a backup power supply *

lew15d 2.11.09 - 02:12pm
@cobusbo, I've got 2GB storage now. I've got a GetDropBox account. I plan on getting another soon. lol.GIF *

cobusbo 2.11.09 - 06:49pm
im starting a new site also it got still a long way to go to give you a demo check http://mp3mob.co.cc/search Mp3mob btw it seems to have 100gb space *

lew15d 5.11.09 - 09:43am
All my CD's that I have, I'll be changing the extension's from .wma to .mp3. I will upload the seperate tracks in the Links section of the group. I've already done All Hope Is Gone by Slipknot. I will add my other Slipknot album's, including Five Finger Death Punch, Disturbed, Stone Sour, Green Day etc. All files will be 128kbps, so they'll be a good size and quality. Plus since I only have 2GB storage, I need to keep the sizes reasonable. I will even add Alb*m Art's to the tracks. I hope this runs smoothly. Next alb*m to go up is Come What(ever) May, followed by Stone Sour. I may start taking requests, but I'd have to mess around with the kbps. Thanks for reading, guys! *

lew15d 10.11.09 - 07:50am
I think it's about time we heard from Mushroomhead! They're still as brilliant as ever. I was searching for their new album, and I came across a song which they've made for the Saw VI Soundtrack. It's quite a good song. Mushroomhead - Your Soul Is Mine. *

proton 12.11.09 - 08:04pm
2thumbsup.GIF good work lewis . .awesome group. I'll rate it 4.9/5 lol. *

lew15d 12.11.09 - 09:36pm
Thanks, proton! friends.GIF Shan69 banned.GIF *

cobusbo 12.11.09 - 11:08pm
thanks lmao *

cobusbo 14.11.09 - 07:12am
Saw VI were good watched it last month still got the movie on my pc though *

lew15d 14.11.09 - 09:20am
I want it in .mp4 format sad.GIF can't find it lol grr *

cobusbo 14.11.09 - 11:45am
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=S9N3PZVO Megaupload Saw VI
310mb *

proton 14.11.09 - 05:30pm
never heard of this movie lol. .when was it released? *

cobusbo 14.11.09 - 07:22pm
in 2009 lol saw 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 is released *

lew15d 14.11.09 - 09:17pm
wow.GIF Thank you, cobusbo! I'm gonna put that on my TV for me and my mum to watch lol.GIF I couldn't find that. *

cobusbo 15.11.09 - 09:15am
lol its MP4 so you will have to convert it I guess *

lew15d 15.11.09 - 09:50am
My phone plays .mp4 brilliantly, cobusbo. No converting needed. lol.GIF Thanks for that though, mate. *

proton 15.11.09 - 11:52am
will download it tonight btw what kinda movie is it. *

cobusbo 15.11.09 - 11:59am
its a thriller I think this MP4 were made for psp not sure if it will work on mobile i think *

lew15d 15.11.09 - 01:40pm
Works well on my 5800, mate. *

lew15d 15.11.09 - 02:51pm
@proton, If you're going to play it on a mobile device, you'll need to make sure it's capable of playing files in .mp4 format. A lot of handsets won't actually play them, only .3gp. If you have a PC, there is an application which will modify the .mp4 to a .3gp. Hopefully you make some sense of what I just said. lol.GIF *

proton 15.11.09 - 05:17pm
don't worry i got E65 . .the default real player plays mp4 *

proton 15.11.09 - 05:19pm
ah and i have core player aswell lol.GIF *

cobusbo 15.11.09 - 09:50pm
cool enjoy it guys lol.GIF *

proton 16.11.09 - 12:15pm
having connection probs lol. .will try again tonight. *

lew15d 16.11.09 - 09:10pm
What a film! lol.GIF Thanks, cobusbo! *

cobusbo 17.11.09 - 09:30am
Thnx just call me Cobus
Just uploaded my new site up http://mp3mob.co.cc Mp3MoB *

lew15d 28.11.09 - 09:42am
Ok, the groups seem to be going really quiet now. Maybe we should keep updating, and see how we get on 'til people start posting, or should we take a break and see what happens, Cobus? I'm surprised that there's no WAP tumbleweed floating around. lol2.GIF Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon, bro. Any idea's are welcomed too. *

cobusbo 28.11.09 - 12:03pm
To get new members we will need to advertise more because just updating wont attract people because they don't know about this group we must advert more on toplists etc try latwap.com and twilightwap they seems to be doing an ok job *

proton 28.11.09 - 06:22pm
the icon of yourmp3's forum looks different like lol5 and all the Letters are caps now thumbs_up.GIF *

cobusbo 5.12.09 - 05:26pm

Please note to make Hyperlinks when adding ur sites in the http://yourmp3s.wapgroups.com/topic.asp?tid=61705 Members Groups topic etc.

Make also sure when creating topics there arent allready one made for it before and please insert a break and underline the headings if something is posted please.

This just make it better for other users to read and its less work for us moderators.

Thankyou and welcome all new Members enjoy your stay. *

sphinxzz 6.12.09 - 03:35am
hi frnd pl tell me d codes to create hyperlink... *

cobusbo 6.12.09 - 05:42am
when you enter groups from the main menu on prodigits go to bottom to help and search for the topic how to use bb codes. *

lew15d 6.12.09 - 11:42am
@sphinxzz, It's basically the same as the other BB Codes you've used. But instead of putting the letters 'i', 'b' or 'u' you write the word 'link'. Please don't try it in the group, because there's a chance you can actually destroy a topic by doing it. Same with any BB Code. We don't really allow members to do it, unless they know what they're doing. *

sphinxzz 6.12.09 - 01:40pm
thanks.GIF wow thx *

lew15d 23.12.09 - 12:27pm
IMPORTANT MESSAGE: As you all know, it's not long now 'til Christmas. On Christmas Eve, the group will be open until 8pm (UK time), as I have things to be doing. On Christmas day, the group will also be closed then. So if you want any songs, then get your requests in before 8pm tomorrow! Have a good Christmas, everyone! yeah.GIF *

proton 23.12.09 - 08:08pm
Merry christmas bro 2thumbsup.GIF you're doing a fantastic job :) everyone needs a break. *

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