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Subject: -YourMP3s Guestbook-
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cobusbo 19.10.09 - 05:28am
we reached 1003 members yay party.GIF *

lew15d 19.10.09 - 07:57am
faint.GIF *

cobusbo 19.10.09 - 12:30pm
I c we are 4 mods but its you me and pinkie and i think djdoom is ur other account but who is bad_jack? I don't see him around here *

lew15d 19.10.09 - 03:20pm
I never see him much, mate. I see him out and about though. lol.GIF *

xpinkiex 20.10.09 - 12:27am
rocker.GIF RoOoOoar.!! 1004 members.!! WoOop WoOop.!! Group's doing really well.!! :-) *

lew15d 21.10.09 - 09:25am
1009 members... I wonder if we'll get any more... TIME TO ADVERTISE!! lol.GIF *

shan69 21.10.09 - 10:05am
My experience in business guys , dont get greedy ', or u will go bust *

xpinkiex 21.10.09 - 10:16am
We aren't being greedy shan69.! We're just wanting the group to do well.! And it's doing great.! proud.GIF. *

lew15d 21.10.09 - 12:08pm
@shan69, in business, the only way you'll make it big is by advertising... advertising gives people a quick glance into something that they either want to, or haven't seen before... the group has a chance of becoming big, as does any other group on PRODIGITS... my calculation's show that the group will become bigger, and better, the more we put the group out there for everybody to benefit from it... take Nokia for example... they pay a truck load to advertise on people's website's per month, 'cause they know people will click on their Ad... it's easy, if you know what you're doing... *

cobusbo 21.10.09 - 02:26pm
yes thats exactly what I do the place where I get the most traffic from is coding-talk.com and I use adds from addmob and buzzcity on my website to earn some cash also it just need a long time. I even added my site on google and other mobile sites like waptrack.net etc. *

lew15d 21.10.09 - 02:52pm
@cobusbo, what's the easiest way of making money? lol.GIF *

cobusbo 21.10.09 - 05:39pm
If you own your own site and can edit your source code I would reccomend admob adds or google adds etc. lol we all are still searching *

lew15d 21.10.09 - 07:56pm
is an xtgem site any good, bro? *

cobusbo 21.10.09 - 10:00pm
no you cant change the source code with that im sorry you are using the simple way to create site the only way how you can earn money there is to ask for a paypal donation or let them have to pay to get into the sircus *

shan69 23.10.09 - 02:58am
Yes to ads but im saying dont be greedy to get paid as its a social networking site , I would like to get paid for some of my beautiful photos that I took and posted in my groups , but I am happy that people are downloading them and word of mouth is the best advertiser ive had *

lew15d 23.10.09 - 08:20pm
I mean on my actual site, Shan... not this one... *

aquis 23.10.09 - 08:55pm
Hello 2 all members *

lew15d 24.10.09 - 03:32pm
hi, aquis! wave.GIF *

sphinxzz 5.12.09 - 02:11pm
Nice Group to Join.... Above all, the admin of tis Group is so awesome n kind... Thx Lew....
-ur_fairyJeUXPS9AbqvU49VQW2bU.gif *

cobusbo 5.12.09 - 05:15pm
welcome.GIF *

lew15d 5.12.09 - 07:09pm
Thank you, ur_fairy. proud.GIF I started the group, allowing members of PRODIGITS to join and download free music. These days, it can be hard to find. And a lot of sites re-direct people to the downloads, or send a pop up of the download which some handset device's won't allow that feature. *

sphinxzz 6.12.09 - 03:14am
No Thx my frnd...... U doing such a wonderful job..... flowers4u.GIF *

sphinxzz 6.12.09 - 03:16am
YES COBUSBO..... (Thankz) *

lew15d 6.12.09 - 11:46am
Thanks for the flowers. smile.GIF You can also bud me too, if you wish. And, Cobus. Have you tried a GetDropBox account, mate? You get a free 2GB space. So we could get requests from http://mrtzcmp3.net MRTZCMP3 and put them into the GetDropBox. I did it with the Jason Derulo song. *

cobusbo 6.12.09 - 09:05pm
does it allow transloading? because downloading and uploading takes long with my cr*ppy connection and im not big kind of a uploader lol *

lew15d 7.12.09 - 12:54pm
Install it, mate. I'll tell you everything you need to know. Make sure you make an account after installation. *

cobusbo 7.12.09 - 05:26pm
K i did but can I share a whole folder and will it save the file on my computer asswell because i dont want things duplicate *

lew15d 8.12.09 - 10:38am
Right, after your account is made, you're away. Make sure that the only folder you have is the public folder. You can either make folders inside there, and share them. Or, you could put seperate files in to share them. It will show a blue circle on the file whilst it's also uploading to the web. The files will remain on the PC. After it shows a green circle with a tick inside, you're ready to share the file or folder. If it's a folder you're going to share, then right click it. Go to where it says 'Dropbox' with the symbol next to it. Then click 'Share This Folder...'. If it's a file you want to share which is the easier option, right click it. Select 'Dropbox' and then 'Copy Public Link'. The link will then be added to your clipboard. You're then free to paste the link. *

lew15d 8.12.09 - 11:17am
Let me know if that's ok for you to understand, Cobus. I don't know if I went over the top with the information. It'll have to do. lol.GIF *

cobusbo 8.12.09 - 08:38pm
If I share a folder there arent a public link I can ony email the link of the shared folder? the rest I understand clearly *

lew15d 8.12.09 - 10:03pm
Hmm. Isn't there a link in the email? *

cobusbo 8.12.09 - 10:40pm
dont seem like it only the person who gets the email wil get a link etc

lew15d 15.12.09 - 11:45am
Cobus, e-mail it to me. I'll try and get the link in the group, and see how long it lasts. It's worth a shot. *

cobusbo 15.12.09 - 04:02pm
il do later but didn't upload anything yet. This group is quiet lately thinking.GIF *

lew15d 15.12.09 - 07:17pm
I know, bro. It's been too quiet. *

lew15d 22.12.09 - 04:59pm
wow.GIF YourMP3s is on the first page of Popular Groups! I can't believe it! lol.GIF I feel so proud now. Our work's getting noticed by the look of it, Cobus. Hopefully YourMP3s will go further up the page. It'd be a good thought. More people might join too, as they'll see it as soon as they go on to Popular Groups. With a bit of look, people may start to get more involved with the group and post in topics etc. chin.GIF Think of how big the group might get. But these are all ''what if's''. *

cobusbo 22.12.09 - 05:11pm
yea I saw some more members joined the last few days then usual it may get to big for us to handle like I said before il be less active next year going to university *

runestar 30.08.10 - 08:00pm
hello3.GIF I'm amazed you manage to dodge to bw limits of DB. I guess you don't have enough users to get accounts automatically suspended yet. tooth.GIF *

cobusbo 4.09.10 - 03:06pm
well all of our songs redirect to other sites so its only the browsing that takes bandwith from prodigits not the downloads *

lew15d 8.09.10 - 12:50pm
Yes, all our downloads come drom other sites. PRODIGTS user's take up a lot of usage of data, and even joining groups can slow down the server I assume. That's why if you lose buddies from your buddy list, they've had to have a clean out due to the amount of space taken. *

1jamster 9.09.10 - 10:52am
Hello.GIF lewd15 *

lew15d 9.09.10 - 10:58am
Hi, jamster! wave.GIF Enjoying your stay? *

myticket 25.04.11 - 11:03pm
nice group. Awesome stuff. I appreciate ur dedication guys. Thanks for inviting me lewis. *

lew15d 26.04.11 - 10:39am
It's fine, mate! thumbs_up.GIF I hope you got the song you wanted from the links too, by the way! *

lew15d 7.07.16 - 10:24am
WOW! I've not been on Prodigits for some time, now. My guestbook on here, I've not signed for 5 years.

I hope everyone who's a member of YourMP3s is well and I'm glad you're all still here, new and existing members! *

warded 7.05.18 - 08:08pm
Sup. *

xlacex 10.08.18 - 12:36pm
(s*x) *

xlacex 10.08.18 - 12:36pm
Gutted *

lew15d 10.08.18 - 04:19pm
Haha. lmao.GIF Now I see what you were talking about. There used to be an emoticon, but I think they got rid of it. *

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