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Subject: -YourMP3s Guestbook-
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lew15d 20.04.09 - 08:18pm
As you can tell, this is the groups new guestbook which I would like members who visit the group to sign at least once or as many times as you'd like. When you sign, you can leave comments (good or bad) about the group, and/or leave messages to other members of the group, or even me if you wish. *

pink.bbe 21.04.09 - 11:34pm
Hiya lew15d hi3.GIF just thought i'd leave a wee msg. Nice group btw! Loving it! grin4.GIF *

pink.bbe 21.04.09 - 11:44pm
Oooops should have read the rules before i put that message up. So very sorry. Please delete both these messages! Sorry again! *

lew15d 22.04.09 - 03:15pm
it's ok lol.GIF post what you want. *

pink.bbe 22.04.09 - 03:24pm
You said NO CLIPARTS! Lol *

lew15d 23.04.09 - 08:32pm
that rule went ages ago lol *

pink.bbe 23.04.09 - 09:01pm
angry.GIF oh did it.lol *

kaitleen 24.04.09 - 07:20pm
reading.GIF *

kaitleen 24.04.09 - 07:23pm
nice site . hello to me and all *

lew15d 25.04.09 - 04:49pm
thank you kaitleen friends.GIF *

x_lily_x 29.04.09 - 11:46pm
Nice group lewis, u obviously spend a lot of time on it! thanks clap.GIF *

cobusbo 12.05.09 - 03:31pm
Yea growing real fast i think its time for me to move back to pro groups also because its real difficult to keep ur own site running with nobody to help if we only could have made some bucks for helping others somehow with hits or something it would have been great lol *

lew15d 13.05.09 - 12:06am
@cobusbo, that would be a lovely thought, getting paid when somebody visits sites/groups chin.GIF right, everyone who joins this group, owe's me 25K lmao.GIF aint I funny? *

kaitleen 13.05.09 - 06:47pm
25 kitkats seems fair enough *

cobusbo 13.05.09 - 09:49pm
no i mean with hit counters and clickable adds like google adds you make bout 0.1 dollar per click lol *

lew15d 16.05.09 - 04:11am
chin.GIF well, that would probably be ok I guess lol... *

cobusbo 16.05.09 - 12:10pm
ye thats what i were after on my site because its agains the TOS of prodigits *

cobusbo 16.05.09 - 01:34pm
how do you feel about adding an facebook group? to get more people etc.? *

lew15d 18.05.09 - 06:25pm
thinking.GIF by ''facebook group'', do you mean:-
Make a group on facebook, advertising the group?
Or something else? *

cobusbo 18.05.09 - 07:02pm
yea it will help getting traffic and maby make you famous *

lew15d 18.05.09 - 08:59pm
chin.GIF that's not a bad idea mate *

jeanjoyc 12.06.09 - 04:57am
Ur group rocks,i love it! *

lew15d 12.06.09 - 12:54pm
@jeanjoyc, thank you proud.GIF I try my absolute best. *

jo5hu4 9.07.09 - 08:08pm
aDY665DMZQIJyCXSbQRK.gif so... Why is cobusbo dealing with the requests now... Can't you be bothered to do then any more lewis *

lew15d 11.07.09 - 02:36pm
numpty.GIF if you haven't realized, I do have other things to do... me and cobusbo will be working as a team. *

lonely4e 20.07.09 - 03:01pm
nice group.i think u did a gr8 job bro *

lew15d 21.07.09 - 02:37pm
proud.GIF thank you very much *

xpinkiex 29.07.09 - 12:51pm
rocker.GIF Well done you 2thumbs_up.GIF Great group Lewis! hugekiss.GIF :-P *

lew15d 30.07.09 - 11:35am
thanks Alice! happy.GIF I couldn't have done much of this without cobusbo's help smile.GIF *

emz.x 30.07.09 - 11:42am
Hello lewis + cobusbo great group u 2 doing a great job. *

cobusbo 30.07.09 - 04:11pm
Im sorry to say but I got round 17 months left to help finding songs and be around the net but il do my best till then all the regards should go to you lew15d you started and layed it out nicely its a gr8 group *

lew15d 30.07.09 - 06:02pm
@cobusbo, it will be a big loss if the group loses you completely bro... *

cobusbo 30.07.09 - 06:09pm
Maybe in the future il be back its all thanx to the changes in South Africa im using my mobile via pc to update links cheap but now its gonna over charge me after some new laws and prices maybe if I get dailup or adsl in the future il be back *

lew15d 31.07.09 - 03:38am
hopefully bounce.GIF *

lew15d 4.08.09 - 11:45am

lew15d 16.08.09 - 01:46pm
the group's doing great! I wish more people would take part in the topics, but the group has well over 800 members now! bounce.GIF *

cobusbo 16.08.09 - 01:55pm
I agree. BTW im gonna add an upload script to my script sometime to make it easier to upload songs wich we cant find direct links for *

lew15d 16.08.09 - 01:56pm
excellent idea cobusbo, bro! bounce.GIF *

xpinkiex 26.08.09 - 12:00am
Oi oi where's ma s*xy Lewis? ma feet need tickled lol.GIF only messing with ya babe. I just popped into say GROUP'S DOING GREAT!! i think cobusbo does a great job! 2thumbs_up.GIF wonders to myself...when me gonna be part of the team sigh.GIF lol Love ya! and keep up the great work hugekiss.GIF xx *

lew15d 18.09.09 - 09:36am
bounce.GIF over 900 members, Alice! x x *

xpinkiex 19.09.09 - 01:11am
clapping.GIF CONGRATULATIONS Lewis.! airkiss.GIF You're doing great.! Cobusbo too.! Keep up the good work :) *

lew15d 19.09.09 - 08:55am
thank you, Alice! hug.GIF xx *

lew15d 17.10.09 - 10:20am
the group's nearing 1000 members, guys!! excited.GIF 6 more to go!! *

xpinkiex 17.10.09 - 10:26am
Aww, look guys.! Lewis is getting all excited.! jiggy.GIF. Nearly 1000 members.! aww_yeah.GIF. *

cobusbo 17.10.09 - 03:35pm
Nice yea but still a long way to go to compare with noises. All my links posted for songs are gone in my topic now lol but its ok I guess. Just hope I don't cause this topic to crash like before but il try my best. btw good luck xpinkiexchampagne.GIF *

xpinkiex 17.10.09 - 03:48pm
hehe.GIF thank you, cobusbo friends.GIF i'll do my best excited.GIF *

cobusbo 18.10.09 - 03:43pm
2 to go waiting.GIF *

xpinkiex 18.10.09 - 07:22pm
Ooh one to go.! excited.GIF *

lew15d 18.10.09 - 09:59pm
this is very nerve racking lol.GIF *

cobusbo 18.10.09 - 09:59pm
lol kind of *

xpinkiex 18.10.09 - 10:30pm
It's soOoOo exciting hehe.GIF *

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