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Subject: R3DD L
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lew15d 11.08.18 - 12:15am
I am R3DD L,

I am an independent hip-hop music artist from Sheffield in the United Kingdom. I've been writing and recording music since 2013, doing my own thing. Now that I've found my feet, I plan on making big moves and I want to bring you on this journey with me. There are so many things I have in the works, right now. Your support would mean everything and more.

Let's make a difference, together!

All you need to do to find me is look in all the right places...

They're all linked below for you...

- http://www.facebook.com/R3DDL Facebook

- http://twitter.com/R3DD_L Twitter

- http://instagram.com/r3dd_l Instagram

- http://bit.ly/r3ddl_SPF Spotify

- http://youtube.com/OfficiaR3D YouTube

- http://soundcloud.com/r3dd_l SoundCloud

- http://r3dd-l.wix.com/official OFFICIAL WEBSITE

iDtg3faIskUZU4FjUZ6O.jpg *

lew15d 11.08.18 - 12:17am
I'll be keeping the comments open on here! Always down to take requests on songs to write about. If I record a song using your idea, I'll let you know! bounce.GIF *

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