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Subject: -What Are You Doing?-
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lew15d 9.09.10 - 10:06pm
So, what are you all doing? Feel free to jot down in this topic what you'll be doing today, what you've done, or what you're doing at this moment in time. This is a totally random topic by the way, people! lol4.GIF *

proton 10.09.10 - 04:17pm
might stay up all night with mates *

cobusbo 10.09.10 - 05:03pm
visited a nabour town to do shopping buyed me a sound system new flash drive en some stuff needed for university btw went to sleep at 4 last nite south african time plaing crysis on my pc and watching chuck lmao planning to do the same tonight lmao but for now i must start packing for university again will be going back at sunday *

lew15d 10.09.10 - 07:03pm
I'm thinking of stopping up all night, as I have nothing to do. I might have my massive bottle of Strongbow though! grin.GIF I'm going to get hammered! pmpl.GIF *

cobusbo 13.09.10 - 10:46am
at campus wasting time till next class and guess what it is cr*ppy IsiXhosa *

warded 1.11.17 - 06:02pm
Playing Fire Emblem Warriors on my new nintendo 3ds and listening to ZZ TOP 10-disc box on my cd player. *

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