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Subject: -Does Love Really Exist?-
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joelray 31.08.10 - 10:17am
In our world to day love has become another thing exx, back in thoes days when love is like a medicine to whom is woneded and heal the broken heart and also touched so many people life in an unimaginable ways. But now love moves after money, then ture love is had to get, but ture love exist.what about u does it exist, if yes how, if no why. Thanks *

cobusbo 4.09.10 - 03:12pm
well i have to say Im at the point i really experience true love so i think there might be chance that true love is around if you just look deeply anough and respect the love you feel and care about the someone special in your life. Sometimes you have to get burned first before you really find out that that special person got stuck in your heart and you think about that person everyday *

lew15d 6.09.10 - 11:17pm
I don't think there is such an emotion that exists. A human's primary instinct was to kill other human's (which maniac's obviously still do). If there is such an emotion, why does nobody ever attempt to prove that it exists? chin.GIF *

angel207 7.09.10 - 12:34am
Love doesnt exist and never will without Trust! -owt!- *

cobusbo 7.09.10 - 07:56am
well i wonder why people say i love you with my whole hart if ur hart if ur hart is jusr a pump lol strange but trust me there is love when you met the right person in your life *

ur.fairy 14.09.10 - 12:00pm
That's a questions of the ages. Some feel its fake, endorphins, hormones, flirty lies!!! Whatever you label it, its definitely real. You will do almost anything, when you love someone. Love is positive energy.
But Love is divine only if u luv sumone unconditionally. heart2.GIF *

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